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Gateway to India

Rajasthan Tours

The most visited state by tourists from all over the world, Rajasthan is much more than its grand palaces and forts. It is a reservoir of culture that captures everyone’s imaginations, with its valiant past of winning battles, defeating conquerors, and serving the citizens of the state. The palaces, forts and numerous havelis that dot the streets of all the Rajasthani cities are reminiscent of its glorious past and stands in contention to its equally glorious present with lake side cafes, 5 Star luxury hotels, and the natural charm of the rugged landscape along with its colorfully adorned, simplistic yet ambitious cosmopolitan population.

Khajuraho Tours

Khajuraho is a living form of artwork melted into sculptures, erotic carvings, heritage temples, dance festival and more. Listed as one of the heritage sites of the world, this site is not just about a physical location of Kamasutra. Khajuraho is famous for holding the finest temple art of the world, stunning architectural marvel and religious factor.

Ladakh Tours

Ladakh - The adventure capital of the country, is the destination that has the top three highest mountain passes in the world. This destination has strong links with Buddhism and Tibetan culture. From architecture to cuisine, this city has an Eastern outlook. This is a very famous tourist destination for those who love isolated adventure spot for many outdoor activities that pump adrenaline into the brain. Ladakh is a stretch of null vegetation hills, craggy mountain passes, think snow, monasteries and clear water bodies that usually stands as block ice.

Kerala Tours

Kerala (South India) is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places of the Indian subcontinent. Recently named by National Geographic magazine as one of the 10 paradises of the earth, Surprises the traveler with a rich tropical landscape of eternal green populated by coconut trees, and where the fresh water of the rivers joins the sea by the canal here called “backwaters”.

Goa Tours

Goa is more than just a hand full of beaches and pumping parties. This is a cultural blend of sand, sun, spice, seafood and spirituality. Stretching along the mighty Arabian Sea, this tropical paradise caters to the needs of every traveler from backpackers to fancy pamper-loving luxury traveler. With tourism season, the region becomes close to yoga, spiritual exploration and others.